Voice for Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Audio PROM

Customized version for Critical Mass.

For MA-216 board with VOTRAX SC-01.

Critical Mass history

This Pinball is an unfinished prototype that was never produced in series. The original was recovered by Eric Selak (see on this site) who completed its construction.

Critical Mass Critical Mass

No sound card was never finalized for this prototype, on the other hand, the discovery of a PROM at the fund of the cabinet supports the proposition that the designers had well planned a talking version.

Indeed, Eric sent us this PROM and we installed it on a MA-216 board with SC-01. It was only a test chip without any sound PROM, but containing a single message "CRITICAL MASS".

Design of a new audio PROM

To sonorize the Critical Mass, Eric used three sound cards with one of the Volcano having the voice disabled (because non-adapted to the theme of critical mass).

We then investigated the possibility of creating a new audio PROM incorporating new voices and of course, the unique original message.

Added voices

On the basis of a Volcano audio PROM which we retained the sounds, we have added messages adapted to the theme of this pinball.

New voices:

playCritical mass playNuclear meltdown
playRadioactivity rising playFire
playFire (Devil's Dare) playGoing critical
playShoot extra mass

Voices of Volcano kept:

playTILT playDanger
playBall saved playIt's gonna blow


Just replace the set of audio PROM by a new one (2 x 2716), but for our tests we use a unique PROM.

This pterodactile escaped the Caveman wondered where the PROM 2 is passed:
PROM audio pour Critical Mass

If you want to try this audio PROM, the binary is available for free download.

Critical Mass audio PROM:

For details, refer to the documentation:


This achievement is available for free.


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