The FASTBOOT function


Startup without delay

This is the removal of the five's seconds delay, that you can notice at power on of the SYSTEM 80.

Uneccessary temporisation

On the SYSTEM 80, it is a delay of five seconds between the time where the pinball is powered and where it starts. This timing is strictly useless and was later removed on the SYSTEM 80A.

Video demo of the FASTBOOT on MARS:


Eproms The FASTBOOT is a modification of the SYSTEM 80, which comes in the form of a set of replacement PROM for U2/U3. We consistently add the FREEPLAY function in these PROM. In practice, we use a single PROM, easier to install.

To receive this set of PROM, the CPU board should be socketed for circuits U2 and U3 (80A board or modified 80 board).

Pinball machines concerned

The FASTBOOT can be installed on all the models SYSTEM 80, without exception.

Used in our creations:
Black Hole Haunted House Mars Panthera


This achievement is available for free.


Attention :

The FASTBOOT for SYSTEM 80 only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

Last update of this page: August 7th, 2018

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