Backbox of experimentation

Backbox of experimentation

A compact GTB platform.

This backbox integrate in a minimal space all adapters for a functional SYSTEM 80 (or 80A). It allows us to any kind of experiments without having to use a complete flipper.


The backbox is equipped with boards directly in front, easily accessible:

  • A power regulation.
  • A CPU board (with supports for main circuits).
  • A drivers board.
  • An enhanced sound card (with SC-01).

Four displays with 7 digits is used to test both the SYSTEM 80 and 80A (in standard configuration, without bonus).

Backbox of experiments Backbox of experiments

No lamp is installed, there is no electromechanical element (relay or coil). Everything is replaced by a test card (originally P. Janin) equipped with LEDs. Note also the presence of the module " PRINTER-80 LCD".

Backbox of experiments Backbox of experiments

Under the Panel, wiring has been completely renovated between different boards, as well as those for displays. The power supply is installed at the bottom of the backbox and delivers all the tensions of a system 80.

Backbox of experiments Backbox of experiments

The power board is equipped with mini-voltmeters indicating precise issued tensions.
To raise the various events, we realized a dense matrix of 64 contacts.
Another board allows easy access to the coins, as well as the REPLAY and TEST buttons. LEDs are also installed nearby for the main indicators (GAME OVER, TILT, SHOOT AGAIN, coin lock).

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