Seven flashes BALLY tester

Seven flashes BALLY tester

Tester for BALLY board.

This assembly allows to get the seven flashes during startup of a BALLY CPU board.


We did a simple mounting to simulate the presence of the 43 volts, to obtain the seven flashes during startup of the CPU card.


We led to believe to the CPU card that 43 Volt alternating voltage is present. In reality, simply send him an alternating voltage at the correct frequency. The installation includes an oscillator to ~ 600 Hz followed by a divider by 16 to obtain a frequency of about 40 Hz. A voltage of only 12 volts, this is enough for the CPU card detects the presence of the 43 volts.


The very simple mounting is done on an experimentation plate, where components are welded.

Seven flashes BALLY tester

The schema is downloadable below:



This achievement is available for free.


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