Test block for SYS80 power

Power tester

Verification of power cards.

Standalone block for rapid control of MA-114 boards.

For SYSTEM 80 & 80A.


This box to control power A2 cards without having to install them in a pinball machine. To test a board, simply plug the two A2J1 and A2J3 connectors to the housing, and then connect the main cord.

The board is then fed and the issued voltages are directly displayed. We can then check that they are correct:

  • 60 V DC (used for large displays)
  • 42 V DC (used for the small display)
  • 8 V DC (voltage reference, used for displays)
  • 5 V DC (used for CPU, Drivers cards)

Power tester

The box contains just a minimum power block (transformers and rectifiers bridges) and four mini-voltmeters.

Built schema

Power tester

For details, refer to the documentation:


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