Tester for drivers board SYSTEM 1

Test SYS1 Drivers

Standalone tester for drivers boards.

Very few components are needed to built this module, which allow to
quickly check the functioning of the drivers cards.



This assembly allows to visually check the status of the outputs of a driver card.

Drivers SYS1 board tester

This card send the proper commands to drive the outputs of the drivers board:

  • Lamps.
  • Solenoïds.
  • Sounds.

To view the status of the outputs, it must be associated to the test bench fixture for SYS-1 drivers from P. Janin. All needs only a single 12 volt power supply.


The construction of this board is very simple and requires very few components.

Tester for drivers board SYS1 Tester for drivers board SYS1


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