Tester for drivers board SYSTEM 80

Test SYS80 Drivers

Standalone tester for drivers boards.

Very few components are needed to built this module, which allow to
quickly check the functioning of the drivers cards.

For SYSTEM 80, 80A & 80B.


This assembly allows to visually check the status of the outputs of a driver card.

Drivers SYS80 board tester

This card send the proper commands to drive the outputs of the drivers board:

  • Lamps.
  • Solenoïds.
  • Sounds.

To view the status of the outputs, it must be associated to the test bench fixture for SYS80/80A drivers from P. Janin. All needs only a single 5 volt power supply.


The installation consists mainly of a PIC 18F452 and was cable on an experimentation board.

Drivers SYS80 board tester


As our prototype working perfectly and following many requests, we decided to produce a small series of modules. Finish of the installation is now much more professional and we have the opportunity to simplify.

The female connector is replaced by a male, which simplifies the work of welding. On the other hand this allows to use and test the standard slick CPU/driver of origin (this often being oxidized and source of problems). It is also possible to feed the card from the power supply of the CPU (A1 - J1) connector.

Assembly of the board presents no difficulty, the schema of implantation is downloadable below:


In the end, the module with its printed circuit board, with serigraphy, double-sided, metalized holes:

Drivers SYS80 board tester

Full wiring diagram:


This achievement is available in our shop.


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