Display tester GTB 80B

Displays tester 80B

Tester of GTB 80B displays.

Very simple mounting to check the operation of alphanumeric display 2 x 20 of the SYSTEM 80B.


We conducted a simple device (using an external power) to test our pinballs 80B gas displays.


For this mount we have adopted a "Low cost" solution by retrieving a former display 7 digit SYS80A as a printed circuit board. The old components were dessoudes and instead we installed new using a few straps. We thus keep a directly usable connector and then simply cut the circuit to get a presentable board. This tester is essentially designed around a PIC 16F628A that send commands to the display module.

Display tester 80B

The device is connected to the display by a standard SYSTEM 80B wiring, power comes to plug into the third connector of the cable.

Display tester 80B


Following many requests and our prototype working perfectly, we decided to produce a small series of modules. Installation is now in a much more professional finish and we have the opportunity to simplify (it has more than a single LED).

Assembly of the board presents no difficulty, the schema of implantation is downloadable below:


In the end, the module with its printed circuit board, with serigraphy, double-sided, metalized holes:

Display tester 80B

Full wiring diagram:

Compatible displays

All displays of the SYSTEM 80B, 2 lines of 20 characters, can be verified by this tester, which included modules:

  • MA-664 - SYSTEM 80B, 1st generation
  • MA-999 - SYSTEM 80B, 2nd generation (larger)

Display tester 80B

On the other hand, the SYSTEM 3 (MA-1361) displays are not compatible with this tester. Although gas displays is the same as the SYSTEM 80B of second generation, the control unit is totally different.

Displays MA-664, MA-999 and MA-1361

As seen in the photo, the electronic circuits used are not at all the same. To also be able to troubleshoot this type of display, we create a specific tester for SYSTEM 3.


This achievement is available in our shop.


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