Pinsound interface for Gottlieb pinballs


Study and prototype

To connect a PINSOUND board
to a Gottlieb pinball.


PINSOUND boards were originally not intended to run on Gottlieb's pinball machines. Also, we have studied, in cooperation with the designers of this board, the possibility of creating an interface for this series. At fall 2015, this study resulted in a fully functional prototype.

Study and prototype

The operation of the advanced sound boards is very specific at Gottlieb, so we used a Microchip microcontroller. It must indeed manage tables of priorities and chainings specific to each pinball.

In Gottlieb, the control of sounds is of a rather complex logic: some sounds (or voices) interrupt the music, while others do not. Some sounds have to be chained: for example, a music will be played in loop only if it has been preceded by another specific sound.

Pinball selection is achieved by a simplified interface using two pushbuttons. An OLED mini-screen allows you to view the menus and trace the sent or received commands.

Pinsound for Gottlieb

The prototype and the PINSOUND board were mounted in a HAUNTED HOUSE pinball machine.

Pinsound for Gottlieb Pinsound for Gottlieb

Halloween 2015

At the end of October and on Halloween we made a special version for the Haunted House, which included a mix of original sounds, new sound effects and improved music. The video is simply amazing:


The PINSOUND team has planned to natively integrate the Gottlieb pinball machines, the study of this interface is no longer justified. We therefore abandoned this project and ceased all development on it.


Cette réalisation n'est pas disponible publiquement, sous quelque forme que ce soit (gratuite ou payante).


Last update of this page: December 11th, 2019

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