Hexagone board

Replacement of the audio board
C.T. Hexagone

Remake of the original board,
for Christian Tabart kit "HEXAGONE".

The original board

The "HEXAGON" Kit produced by Christian Tabart consisted in transforming a GENIE GOTTLIEB SYSTEM-1 pinball machine into a new machine. In addition to a revamped tray and a new backglass, this kit included a very specific audio board.

This was specially developed and connected both to the original audio connector, but also to that of the switch-matrix to be able to intercept different events and thus produce suitable sounds.

The technology used was very different from that usually used by GOTTLIEB:

  • CPU type Z80, associated with an EPROM 2764/27128 and a RAM 6810
  • FM synthesis circuit (OPN) YM2203 coupled to a DAC YM3014
  • FM synthesis circuit (OPL) YM3526 coupled to a second DAC YM3014 (this option will never be implemented)

Only the YM2203 circuit will ultimately be used and again, only for I / O ports and FM synthesis. The PSG section (equivalent to a YM2149, or AY-3-8910), although planned, will not be wired or implemented in ROM programming either.

C.T. Hexagone

This board has not been available for many years, and many are also broken. Also, we have created the project to reconstruct this type of board.

The new board

It takes exactly the same design as the old one, but of course, more modern. We have kept the optional slots for additional components (YM3526 and YM3014). The circuits used are the same as the originals, with a few minor exceptions (Z80, quartz).

C.T. Hexagone


This achievement is available in our shop.


Last update of this page: May 5th, 2020

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