Scared Stiff

Scared Stiff

Custom Scared Stiff

Customization and manufacture of interactive mods. Terrifying


The Scared Stiff is a Williams WPC-95 pinball machine on which we have developed a series of improvements. The main development consists of the implementation of interactive modules, based on our DMC interface.

Thus, the various "mods" added to our pinball machine are not simple static gadgets, but real dynamic objects, which react according to the different phases of the game.

For example, the TV plays video sequences corresponding to the progress of the game (spider, missions) or again, the eyes of the beast change and come to life according to the actions in progress (extra-ball, capture, fear of death, etc.).

Scared Stiff


  • Integrated DMC controller.
  • Interactive TV mod OrPinTV + remote control,
    with extension:
    • Black cat mod (lying on TV) with glowing eyes.
  • DBV mod, Dynamic Beast Vision.
  • DSL mod, Dynamic Skulls Lights.
  • DPS mod, Dynamic Power Supply,
    with extensions:
    • Luminous backbone mod + phosphorescent vertebrae.
    • Trunk lighting "Terrifying" mod
    • Coffin lighting mod
    • SHAKER mod


The various mods are integrated into the original decorations and do not generally change the appearance of the pinball machine. The only remarkable element, is the TV OrPinTV. Installed in a judicious location, in no way it hide the visibility of the game while remaining easily readable.

The TV box is made of phosphorescent plastic and fits perfectly with the bones of the skeleton. It is also illuminated internally by UV LEDs, controlled according to the three corridors located below the TV.

Scared Stiff

Light effects such as torches or the spine are an integral part of the decorations.

Scared Stiff

Black cat

Specific to Scared Stiff, it is an extension of the OrPinTV mod and which is placed directly above. Made in 3D printing, its internal structure also incorporates an optical device to guide light towards the eyes.

These light up in green and are controlled according to specific events. For example, when you hit one of the left side targets and hear a "Meow"!

Scared Stiff Scared Stiff

Tests and experiments

The development, in the case of interactive mods, can be extremely complex and very long to finalize. Indeed, the detection of the phases of the games or of certain particular sequences is in certain cases very difficult to analyze.

Fortunately, in order to make our task easier, we have integrated a test mode into the OrPinTV TV, which allows to trace and filter the events detected by the DMC controller module.

Scared Stiff

But since we do not always have the pinball machine at hand to test, or the assembly / disassembly of mods is tedious, we have also adapted our universal test bench, in order to make it pilot the entire interface.

Scared Stiff Scared Stiff

Last update of this page: February 16th, 2021

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