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Versions of the game PROM

There are two versions of Spirit ROM, the first being rare with most games using the second version.

  • #673 - Initial version used on "sample" models
  • #673-2 - Version used on series games

Unfortunately, like the first one, this second version has bugs that have never been fixed.

Differences between versions #673 and #673-2

There is no version #673/1 or #673-1. The differences between versions #673 and #673-2 are too small for there to have been an intermediate version.

Version #673-2 brings a fix to the "sample" version #673, concerning the functioning of the Stargate ramp and the associated capture hole (SW12 - "Top Center Hole").

On the "sample" version, when the Stargate ramp is open and you arrive in the hole, it launches the multiball mode. The ramp closes, the other captive marbles are released and you earn 20,000 points. Until then, it's normal. Yes, but... once in multiball mode, it is possible to reopen the Stargate (turn off targets 1-2-3-4, then go through the roundabout, since the green X lamp is on). And here a terrible mess can happen.

If a ball lands in hole SW12, it retriggers multiball mode and closes the Stargate ramp. It also gives back 20,000 points when it shouldn't.

But the biggest problem is that by closing the Stargate in multi-ball mode, another ball can get stuck underneath. The 673-2 simply fixes this issue. When a ball arrives in hole SW12, it triggers the multi-ball (with closing of the ramp) only if one is in single-ball mode. In the case where one is already in multiballs, one is satisfied to eject the ball, without giving again 20000 points and by leaving Stargate in open position.

The bonus bug on "Spot Targets"

The bug concerns the four fixed targets on the main playfield (those with the yellow lamps 1-2-3-4). At the start of the game, all the targets are lit and then they go off when the ball hits them:

Spot Targets

From the documentation, the rule is simple:

Spot Targets

But there is a bug in version 673-2, because the bonus is granted even when the target is off, when it shouldn't.

The "BA" and "LL" targets bug

The bug concerns the two fixed targets with the "BA" or "LL" lamps, one on the main playfield, the other on the upper playfield. these two targets form the word "BALL".

Spot Targets

According to the documentation, when hitting the target, the progression should be from left to right:

Spot Targets

For the "BA" target, we should have the B first, then the A. But there is a bug and we first have the A then the B! It's totally illogical, the progression is reversed here.

PROM #673-3

We fixed all the bugs and created a new version #673-3, functionally identical to version #673-2. This binary file is available for free download.

PROM #673-3 for SPIRIT:


This achievement is available for free.


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Last update of this page: January 2nd, 2023

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