Haunted House

Haunted House

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The HAUNTED HOUSE pinball (model #669) that we own has been improved and has now new functions. The main modification, is the replacement of U2 and U3 PROM by a new single EEPROM, integrating the FASTBOOT and the FREEPLAY.

News ROMs

Our version was initially equipped with a new ROM game (669-3), bringing new features such as the setting the difficulty level for extra-ball and special (liberal / conservative mode).

In a second step, the development of the following version (669-4) made it possible to turn the pinball machine into a talking version (in combination with a modification of the sound board).

The pinball being equipped with LEDs, a first variant (A) corrected some display bugs. Finally, a second variant (B) was produced in order to change some game rules.

All these versions are planned for a HAUNTED HOUSE in SYSTEM 80.
Read the corresponding article for more details.

Ultimate evolution, we have developed a versions for SYSTEM 80A (669-z) with all these features and to have a true 7-digit display.

Speaking version

Missing feature on the original HAUNTED HOUSE, we strived to fill this gap and make talk our pinball.

Speaking HH

The audio PROM has been replaced by a single EEPROM, re-programmed with voice messages. The addition of a SC-01 and a new game PROM transforms the flipper in talking version.

Originally planned for a HAUNTED HOUSE in SYSTEM 80, this feature of course was renewed on our SYSTEM 80A version. Read the corresponding article for more details.


Advanced version SYSTEM 80A

This new version allows to enjoy the typical features of this system:

  • 7-digit display
  • Quick Start (FASTBOOT)
  • Improved test procedure

We have of course added, our 'classical' improvements:

  • Integration into a single EPROM
  • FREEPLAY mode
  • Classic attract-mode like SYSTEM 80 (chaser)

As for the Black-Hole, the display of the bonus was reviewed and corrected.

Aesthetics has been improved by turning off the display when there is no bonus and assigned random values were refined, in order to best use the 6-digit display.


Following the modifications made, the DIP configuration of the CPU board must be modified. New adapted documentation has therefore been drafted.

Documentation for the DIP switches configuration:


This achievement is available in our shop.



This version SYSTEM 80A of HAUNTED HOUSE only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

Last update of this page: February 24th, 2023

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