Talking dice

Talking dice

Multilingual speaking electronic dice

Electronic assembly using a TMS5100
(Texas Instruments Voice Synthesis)


This assembly is the modernized version of a talking electronic dice, described a long time ago, in a review of 1982.

This is a system that randomly generates numbers 1 to 6, which are both displayed on a display and announced by voice.

Talking dice

The speech synthesis is carried out by a TMS5100 circuit and the sentences are stored in an EEPROM. Two DIP switches allow you to choose the language: French, English, Dutch or German.

Signal conversion and display management are carried out by a specifically programmed GAL circuit.

To be able to read these memories, we have developed a small adapter module that can be used with the NG test bench.

Talking dice

Diction of numbers 1 to 6:

playFrench playEnglish
playGerman playDutch

Reference articles

This assembly was inspired by various publications published in the magazines Elektor and Electronique pratique in 1981/1982.

Elektor n°53 - November 1982
Talking dice
(French, English, Dutch and German editions):

Elektor n°42 - December 1981

Electronique pratique n°54 - November 1982
TSM154 DIY Talking clock
(using a TMS5100 and a VSM memory CM72112 - TMS6125):


This achievement is not publicly available, in any form whatsoever (free or paid).


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