Development tools


Methods and softwares

The tools that we used to generate our creations.


Surprising as it may seem, our first projects were programmed on a simple EEEPC. Thus, the portage of the Black Hole on SYSTEM 80A with 7 digits display, was carried out on this PC:

This shows that the result is not depending of the power of the machine, even if later we used other more efficients machines.

Hardware and softwares

Here's a representative sample among the long list of those that we use:

  • Assembler 6502 (Michal Kowalski) - For everything what is TGOL and changes/writing of the PROM.
  • Visual Basic 2010 express - For tools.
  • PCWHD - Pic compiler, for C programs integrated in µCPU (bench test).
  • Wincupl (ATMEL) - For PAL/GAL
  • 1 - Development with VB.
  • 2 - Creation of pictures using DAZ 3D.
  • 3 - TGOL with 6502 assembler.
  • 4 - Coding of a game PROM in TGOL.
  • 5 - Logicals equations for GAL BMST board.
  • 6 - Checksum software.
Last update of this page: August 8th, 2018

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