1/6 scale models


Pinball and arcade cabinet

Promotional models to the 1/6 presented
on our stand at exhibitions.


At the time of exhibitions, we realized that several people did not know yet the existence of our site ! It was necessary to cure that and we decided to improve the visibility of our stand on the exhibitions. For that, we produced two models on scale 1/6 which will not fail to attract the glances.


1/6 pinball 1/6 pinball 1/6 pinball

The plate is illuminated by of Leds, supplied with a simple battery of 4.5 volts. The backglass is also lit by seven frosted Leds. The blue DOT matrix display, is actually a name's badge on which messages are programmed via an USB port.

1/6 pinball 1/6 pinball 1/6 pinball


This cabinet has a genuine touch screen color, on which are displayed promotional messages or realistic screens of games of the Eighties (Pacman, Qbert, Phoenix, Galaga, Dig Dug, etc…).

1/6 arcade 1/6 arcade 1/6 arcade

Built around an Arduino Méga 2560, it has many functions of which a real clock timer and a thermometer. We pushed realism until equipping it with a TILT and an audio board (with the orignals sounds, of course).

Do you want to play with us ?

To supplement the scene, we added a touch of poetry…

Phicen Phicen Phicen Phicen Phicen

Acidulated version

This model has a display of assorted color, the LEDs animation is driven by an Arduino Nano.

Phicen Phicen Phicen Phicen

Figurines used

These mannequins are collection dolls of the Phicen brand, they measure approximately 30 cm on scale 1/6. Made out of flexible materials, they have a true stainless steel skeleton provided with 26 articulations. The great interest of these mannequins is that no joint is visible, except on the level of the hands and the head which are removable.

Phicen We used the latest models from Phicen (released at end 2014).

Phicen Phicen
The internal skeleton look similar to a T-800 !


To emphasize our models, we also use carpets on scale 1/6 of brand Rolodapi. They are genuine carpets woven in wire, very realistic. Phicen


This achievement is not publicly available, in any form whatsoever (free or paid).



Figurines also than mini-pinballs and mini-arcades are not for sale.

Last update of this page: August 8th, 2018

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