The single PROM function


Hardware modification

Integrate U2, U3 and the game PROM in a single circuit.


To reliable and to simplify the CPU boards of the SYSTEM 80 and 80A, the idea is to bring together all EPROMS (or PROM) into a single circuit. The relevant devices are U2 and U3 (2332 PROM) and the game PROM1 & 2 (7641 PROM or 2716 EPROM).

Single PROM adapter with EPROM


The idea itself is not totally new, but which characterizes our editing is that he really integrate all the PROM (and not only U2/U3) in a single device, without needing to wire any additional wires.

Single PROM adapter Single PROM adapter

We use an EEPROM 28C256 in place of the traditional UV-EPROM, because this technology is much easier to use (programming and erasure using 5 volts, not need for a UV eraser). It also offers the advantage of consuming much less.

Single PROM adapter with EEPROM Single PROM adapter with EEPROM


The module comes directly plug instead of U2 and that's all! For the CPU SYSTEM 80 boards, no amendment is required, however, for those older SYSTEM 80, an upgrade to 80A standard is necessary. Must be that circuits U2, U3 and those of the PROM game are mounted on brackets, since it will remove them. Installation of the single PROM adapter

On this picture, can identify a 80A board (U2 and U3 mounted on brackets) in improved release (CPU and RIOT also brackets mounted, as you can see, the CPU can also be replaced by a 65C02).

The adapter was still in a prototype version, using a experimentation plate. The final version is obviously, mounted on a professional quality PCB.

Pinball machines concerned

The single PROM function can be installed on all the models SYSTEM 80 and 80A, without exception.

Single PROM
Used in our pinballs:
Black Hole Haunted House Mars Caveman


This achievement is available in our shop.



This device is available for all SYSTEM 80 and SYSTEM 80A.
It comes with the ROM corresponding to the requested game.

The options FASTBOOT et FREEPLAY are free and automatically included.
The option BALL SAVED is also free but included only for SYSTEM 80A.

ROMs converted to SYSTEM 80A (7-digit display) for MARS, BLACK HOLE and HAUNTED HOUSE, are the subject of a special distribution. For these models, we do not realize the modification of the display wiring, which should be done by you. Single PROM adapter for converted ROM The adapter used for these converted versions is specific and is not interchangeable with that of the standard versions.

Last update of this page: November 13th, 2021

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