Security PIC

Security PIC

Custom Security Chip

Remplacement component
(programmed chip).

For Williams/Bally
WPC-S and WPC-95.


We have developed our own SECURITY PIC management program, which is 100% compatible with the original. Thus, we are able to produce this component for any pinball machine, with a custom serial number.

This allows, for example, to replace a faulty circuit while retaining the original serial number. We do not provide Security Chip with generic numbers, such as 123456, 000000 or 999999.

Our circuits are protected against counterfeits, they include a digital signature to identify their origin.

If you need a replacement part SECURITY PIC (U22 or G10), you can order it from our shop.

Model and serial number

The model of pinball is encoded on three digits and must match that expected by the game PROM (see list below).

The serial number has six digits and matches the one listed on the labels inside the pinball machine, a supplementary number five-digit it is associated. When it is unknown (it is printed nowhere in the pinball machine), we use a default value.

Type Pinball Type Pinball
123WPC-SGeneric Apple (U22) 123WPC-95Generic Apple (G10)
528WPC-SDemolition Man (Prototype) 541WPC-95Attack From Mars
524WPC-SRed & Ted's Road Show 547WPC-95Tales Of The Arabian Nights
525WPC-SNo Fear 548WPC-95Scared Stiff
550WPC-SCongo (Conversion Kit) 550WPC-95Congo
551WPC-SJackbot 551WPC-95Jackbot (WPC-95 Prototype)
526WPC-SIndianapolis 500 552WPC-95Junk Yard
529WPC-SFlintstones 553WPC-95NBA Fast Break
530WPC-SDirty Harry 559WPC-95Medieval Madness
531WPC-SWorld Cup Soccer 94 561WPC-95No Good Gofers
532WPC-SThe Shadow 562WPC-95Cirqus Voltaire
536WPC-SCorvette 136WPC-SCorvette (National Corvette Museum)
539WPC-STheatre Of Magic 124WPC-STheatre Of Magic (Home Edition)
542WPC-SJohnny Mnemonic 563WPC-95Champion Pub
544WPC-SWho Dunnit 565WPC-95Monster Bash
566WPC-95Cactus Canyon
620WPC-SPinball Circus 901WPC-95Phantom Haus (AWP Prototype)
903WPC-95Safe Cracker
905WPC-95Ticket Tac Toe
648WPC-STest Fixture (584-S) 648WPC-95Test Fixture (60048)


This achievement is available in our shop.


Last update of this page: December 20th, 2019

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