P2000 driver board tester


Tester for P2000 driver board.


This assembly allows to check the operation of the Pinball 2000 driver's board.


We did a simple PIC 16F452 based mounting to test the Pinball 2000's drivers boards.


This module require very few components, including the main that is a µ-controller Microhip PIC 16F452 running at 20 Mhz.

Driver P2000 tester

Electric power is autonomous and is used both for the driver card and to the main module. This one is connected to the driver board by ribbon cable.

Driver P2000 tester

User interface consists of a LCD screen and a few buttons for navigation. Driver P2000 tester

Several additional turntables equipped with LEDs and buttons come fit to standard connectors of the driver card. They serve to visualize the status of the outputs and control the various inputs (flippers, coins, contacts).

Driver P2000 tester


This achievement is currently unavailable, but we are studying the possibility of its dissemination (free or paid) for the future.

A l'étude

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