Display tester GTB SYSTEM 3

Displays tester SYS3

Tester of GTB SYSTEM 3 displays.

Very simple mounting to check the operation of alphanumeric display 2 x 20 of the SYSTEM 3.


As for the SYS80B, we conducted a simple device (using an external power) to test our pinballs SYSTEM 3 gas displays.

Differences between SYSTEM-80B and SYSTEM-3

The alphanumeric display of SYSTEM 3 (MA-1361) although visually similar to the SYSTEM 80B, are actually completely incompatible. The control logic is different and the connector is HE10 type.

Displays MA-664, MA-999 and MA-1361


The circuit has been realized on a single plate holes to experimentation. This tester is mainly designed around a PIC 16F876 to send the appropriate commands to the display module.

Display tester SYS3

The device is connected to the display by a ribbon cable, power comes to plug directly into the display.

Display tester SYS3

This prototype works perfectly and drives the MA-1361 displays without fail. The concept being validated, we are therefore at the next stage by producing the final version. This one is much more presentable than the prototype!


The final version is mounted on a professional quality printed circuit board. The test program is compact enough to fit in a PIC 16F873.

Display tester SYS3

All you have to do is connect the display to the test card by a ribbon cable, respecting the direction of connection.

Display tester SYS3


This achievement is available in our shop.


Last update of this page: November 8th, 2021

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