Display tester

Displays tester

Tester and regenerator of displays.

Mounting stand-alone to check the displays and regenerating those who shed light too low.

For displays 4, 6 or 7 digits of SYSTEM 1, 80 and 80A.


We conducted an autonomous housing (an outlet is enough) to test our pinballs gas displays.


The interior of the enclosure are a CPU board PIC 16F876 based and power supply. This last is the most difficult part to build, because the transformer has been modified to obtain the desired voltages.
Displays tester Displays tester
Everything is integrated in a compact package, with front switch, a push-button and two leds (red and yellow). On the back is a connector which plug cables adapters based on the type of display to test.


It first connects the viewer with the corresponding cable, and then it turns on the tester with the switch (on the front, to the right). The Red led blinks a short time (and thus indicates the proper functioning of the tester), and then became fixed and the test begins.
Displays tester Displays tester
The segments are first tested one by one, and then with the series of numbers from 0 to 9. The red led then starts to blink to indicate that it passes tests with active multiplexing. In this second part, a series of scrolling messages is sent to the display.

The regeneration function can be ordered at any time, simply press the push. The test stops and the yellow led is lit. Filaments are then brought to the red to cause their deoxidation. This procedure takes a few seconds and is safe for the display.

Compatible displays

All displays 4, 6 or 7 figures can be verified by the tester, which included:

  • SYSTEM 1
  • SYSTEM 80
  • SYSTEM 80A



This achievement is currently unavailable, but we are studying the possibility of its dissemination (free or paid) for the future.

A l'étude


The schematic, also than the .HEX file for the PIC16F876 can be provided on demand.
Contact us for more informations.

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