The scores on 7 digits function


Extended display of scores

This is a modification that allow on pinballs originaly created for SYSTEM 80, to display scores on 7 digits instead of 6.

Only one true solution

There was by the past, an attempt to move the pinballs of the series 80 in 7 digits, patching the U2 & U3 PROM of SYSTEM 80, which was not really satisfactory. This "pseudo" 7 digits display could not work properly because he lacked consistency with the content of the game PROM.

True 7-digits The only option for a true 7 digits display, it is to use a SYSTEM 80A, and of course, the corresponding game PROM. The advantage of this solution is that are inherited also the improvements of this system (quick start, new test mode, etc...).


To convert a SYSTEM 80 pinball in 80A, he must first replace the displays and adapt the wiring (see the differences on Pinwiki).

Displays 7 digits moduls will take the place of those 6-digits, without any need to modify anything (their sizes are identical).

Wiring is the most tedious part because he must remake completely beams, should:

  • Reconnect all signals to corresponding PIN.
  • Add D16 for displays 1 & 3.
  • Add D13 for displays 2 & 4.
  • Add the +5 volts DC power line.

For details, refer to the documentation:

The game PROM

To work in SYSTEM 80A, game PROM planned for the SYSTEM 80 must be first converted. Then just install the new PROM on the CPU SYSTEM 80A board.

The conversion of a game PROM from one system to the other is not an easy operation and must take into account constraints. Without any documentation, or information, we did it however after several months, for certain models... including the Black Hole.


With the translation in SYSTEM 80A, some features are different or no longer exist, for example:

  • Animation of the attract mode is completely different.
  • Missing of the player numbers lamps.

The SYSTEM 80A has also a non-apparent bug, at the level of the 7 digits display and affecting all models of this series. This bug prevents the inter-ball animation (brief display of the high score between each ball/player) programmed on the Black Hole or Haunted House. This animation was not implemented on the pinballs of the 80A series.

We have corrected this bug and restored the original animations of the SYSTEM 80 (including attract-mode) in a new SYSTEM 80A+ PROM. To work properly, the converted game PROM must use this new system. The command of the lamps of the tables on the other hand, is not included in this version.

Single PROM adapter for converted ROM On our pinball machines, installation is very simple since we integrate the whole (SYSTEM + game PROM) in a single PROM.

Pinball machines concerned

Because of the lack of control of players lamps, conversion to 7 digits is adapted to the latest models of the 80 series, for which the backglass does not have these numbers (Mars, Pink Panther, Volcano, Black Hole, Haunted House, Eclipse).

The Black Hole was the first to be converted to 7 digits, then we have achieved the same operation on Haunted House and Mars God of War. The modification to the Panthera will remain at the laboratory stage.

7 Digits
Used in our pinballs:
Black Hole Haunted House Mars Panthera


This achievement is available in our shop.



The converted ROMs to SYSTEM 80A only works with our unique PROM adapter.
Consult the distribution conditions for this assembly.

The adapter used for these converted versions is specific and is not interchangeable with that of the standard versions.

Last update of this page: November 13th, 2021

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