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We do not manufacture and sell no reproduction of Backglass.
We do not have and do not provide
files (images or vector) required for their printing.

Reproduction of Backglass is possible?

The answer is YES. The purpose of this article is to show you the possibilities offered by the new printing techniques. Until recently, there was for the individual, no possibility to make a reproduction of Backglass to unity. Now, some printers or mirrors factory are equipped with the equipment to do so.

Ask the professionals in your area.

Prerequisites, copyright and rates

You will need to provide the professional that will print your Blackglass, a very good quality file. There is no miracle, the result will be in the image of what you provide. Most of the time, this file will be in a vector format and will include information of layers, in order to treat the transparent or translucent areas (to cover white or grey).

The Backglass are subject to copyright rights, so you can not reproduce them freely to sell in your account. On the other hand, if you reprint one, privately for your personal use, there is no problem.

Even if the process is democratized, prices remain relatively high, justified it is true, by the depreciation of equipment, the cost of special inks, the work. By 2015, it is still a few hundred Euros to remake a Backglass. It's expensive, but at this price, it was a result of flawless, new and sustainable quality.

Method used

The printing was conducted on a professional printer Fujifilm Acuity Advance HD2545W. Used inks are dried to the U.V. which conferred the result an excellent resistance.

Printing is carried out in two stages:

  • File colors.
  • Recover by a layer of white.
  • 1 - Printing of colours in progress...
  • 2 - Print of color achieved.
  • 3 - Printing of the white overlay...
  • 4 - Print completed.


Backglass before Backglass after Comparison of the original backglass and reproduction Comparison

X's & O's

Using the same process, we have also made the backglass of X's & O's (Bally Midway).

X's & O's

This time, the design is a little bit more complex, with a cutoff for the displays and an additionnal layer for the opacity.

X's & O's X's & O's


This achievement is not publicly available, in any form whatsoever (free or paid).


Last update of this page: December 11th, 2019

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