Probe V2 and components tester

Bench test

Troubleshooting of electronics boards

Universal bench, for an easy diagnosis
of processor's based systems

All brands of pinballs
(Gottlieb, Bally, ... and many more).

First part of the project
"Bench test fixture NG"

Pinprobe V2 Evolution

The initial version (Pinprobe) of the probe was not completely satisfactory to our taste and had several drawbacks. Likewise, the associated component tester was not very practical to use:

  • Use of individual resistors, complicating assembly.
  • Capacity limited to 40-pin packages.
  • Double and inflexible connection ribbon.
  • Not very intuitive layout of the interface buttons.
  • Staging of multiple modules and connectors.
  • Component tester using jumpers, easily lost.

Pinprobe and tester V1 (old)
Hardware Hardware

The modernized version of the probe corrects all these flaws. Its realization is much simpler and its operation is more reliable.

Pinprobe V2 (new)

The component tester now has configuration DIP switches.

Components tester

The connecting ribbon is more flexible. You can also connect larger packages, like the 64 pins of the 68000.

Ribbon and connectors

For some exotic circuits, the power supplies can be injected manually.

Testing of "exotic" components

Liste of emulated processors

The firmware installed in the probe allow to supersed a great variety of µ-processors. We meet here the great families of 8 bits, but also 16 bits.

TC1 (6502 Gottlieb), 6502, 6503, 6504, 6505, 6506, 6507, 6509, 6510, 6512, 6513, 6514, 6515
6800, 6801, 6802, 6803, 6804, 6805, 146805, 68705, 6808, 6809, 6809E, CM601, CM630
68000, 68010
8031, 8032, 8051, 8052, 8751, 8752
8035, 8039, 8040, 8048, 8049, 8050, 8748, 8749
8085, 8086 & 8088 (MIN mode)
1802 (RCA), 2650 (SIGNETICS), 3870 (MOSTEK), Z80 (ZILOG), TMS7000 (TEXAS - CPU mode)
CAVEMAN, EXTEND (extension boards)


This achievement is not publicly available, in any form whatsoever (free or paid).


Last update of this page: January 12th, 2022

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