Dynamic MOD Controller

Controller for dynamic MOD management,
interface with standardized protocol.

Multi-brands, Gottlieb, Williams, Data East ...


The DMC (Dynamic MOD Controller) is the fruit of a reflection, aiming to make more "alive" the MOD of our pinball machines.

Dynamic Mods Technology inside ! DMC

The goal is to produce modules that are simple to install, working with several pinball brands (Williams, Data East, Gottlieb). These modules can then be connected to one or more MOD, very easily, using two wires.

How it works

No adjustment or configuration is necessary. The DMC module is completely autonomous and once installed in the pinball, it is forgotten.

The DMC continually analyzes the current game phases, and broadcasts this information to the different connected MODs. To do so, it uses a simple, reliable and standardized protocol.

Thus, each MOD connected to the DMC can interact with the pinball machine and respond dynamically according to its programming.

The advantage of the concept is that it makes it possible to easily develop "live" MODs, because the communication protocol is always the same. There is no need to completely re-design each time the electronic part, and code written for a MOD can often be reused for another.

The interest of standardization is also that it allows to overcome the barrier of brands and technologies. Thus, a MOD like the OrPinTV (mini television), initially developed for Williams WPC, will be easily adaptable for Gottlieb SYS3, or even SYS80.


The DMC module connects directly above the sound board, no risk of being wrong because the connection is reduced to a minimum.

According to the brands of pinball machines, the DMC module may be slightly different, but the same simplicity is still maintained for the connection.

DMC module for Gottlieb
(mounted on a Barb Wire)

DMC module for WPC-S
(mounted on a Dirty Harry)

DMC module for WPC-95
(mounted on a Scared Stiff)

Dynamic MOD example

Although it is the heart of the system, the DMC presented alone is not very representative of the possibilities offered. For an overview of what he's capable of, check out the OrPinTV article.


It's a small television reacting to different phases of play. And thanks to the DMC, it's more than just a media player.

Last update of this page: March 1st, 2021

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