The voice for Haunted House function


Speaking Haunted House


What's missing ?

The audio board of the Haunted House need few things to talk. Indeed, the original board is exactly the same as the Black Hole and only the Votrax SC-01 (U14) circuit is missing. Need also to replace the audio PROM with a new containing voice messages.

Provision of SC-01 remains problematic, this circuit has no equivalent and is no longer manufactured. Audio PROM (2716 and 2732) will be replaced by an single EEPROM 28C64, much more flexible employment.


Changes to the sound card

Although it is theoretically possible to use a board in configuration 2 x 2732, we banish this solution and these components. By experience, this configuration is proved unreliable and extremely faulty.

The modification of the sound card for use an EPROM (or EEPROM) unique is imperative. We guarantee the proper functioning of the HH speaking only on this type of card.

The transformation is not very complex to achieve, to use our adapter and solder a few straps on the board.

  • Desoldering and remove the E4-E5 and E4-E6 straps.
  • Connect the E4 point by a wire to pin 1 of U4 (74LS138).
  • Desoldering and remove the E9-E7 and E9-E8 straps.
  • Solder in place, between E9-E7 and E9-E8, two diodes 1N4148 (look at picture bellow).
  • Connect the E11-E12 and E13-E15 straps.

Changes to the sound card


Thus equipped, the board works already alone, but will be limited to messages of the attract mode.

For completeness of the messages, there are two possibilities:

  1. In a classic Haunted House, it must use a new adapted game PROM (669-4).
  2. In a multiballs modified Haunted House (external project, not made, nor maintained by Flipprojets).

Whatever the use, the audio PROM is the same, the selection being a configuration switch.

For details, refer to the documentation:

Voices and sounds added

The TILT and SLAM (vandalism) are replaced by voices similar to those of the Black Hole. It is possible to desactivate them and step back to the original sounds. The sound number 9 which was unused is now audible in the attract mode.

playTILT playSLAM - Too bad you lost playSound number 9 (not used)

The attract mode has been completely reviewed and integrates also voices adapted to the selected mode (normal or multiballs).

playWelcome to the Haunted House
playWelcome to the Haunted House in multiball
playDo you dare to enter the Haunted House

Two different sets of voices are used based on the mode and some voices (anoted *) vary randomly to bring diversity to the behaviour of the pinball.

playTrap door opened playScore cellar targets for multiball
playSecret tunnel playLock first ball in cellar special
playDown to cellar playLock second ball in extraball kicker
playSpectrum entrance * playEnjoy multiball, hit 1-2-3-4-5 for jackpot
playPhantom entrance * playMultiball ready
playGhost entrance * playCaptured
playSpirit entrance * playShoot for special
playShoot hole for special playGet extra ball
playComplete bank for special
playGet extra ball

At the end of the test sequence, a vocal message is included to ensure the SC-01 is working fine. This message also indicate the release and the serial number, as example "Test sequence complete. This release 2.1 by DAVROUX Brothers. Serial number 01."

playTest sequence complete...

Pinball machines concerned

The voice function can be installed on a classic Haunted House, or on its version transformed into multiballs. To dispose of all of the voices, the installation of a new game PROM (669-4) is required. Otherwise, the only active voices will be thoses of the attract mode.

Speaking HH
Used in our pinballs:
Haunted House


This achievement is available in our shop.



This realization is available for the HAUNTED HOUSE in SYSTEM 80, as for the one in SYSTEM 80A.

For the audio ROM of the MA-216, we provide one 2864 EEPROM instead of the two 2732s. This is placed on our single audio PROM adapter.

Duplication of this ROM is prohibited and a unique serial number is assigned to it.

To speak, you must mandatory add on the audio board, the VOTRAX SC-01 voice synthesis circuit.
We do not provide this circuit whose supply is problematic.

Last update of this page: April 28th, 2023

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