PROMs for Haunted House

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669-3 & 669-4

New game's PROMs

Speaking and standard versions
100 % compatible

Why two versions ?

To create the Haunted House speaking (read the article) we had to develop a new game PROM, containing commands for voice messages. In this development, we made improvements and also discovered some bugs. We then decided to build in parallel a corrected and improved version for the standard Haunted House (non-speaking).

There are thus two versions (with the same enhancements):

  • 669-3 for the standard le Haunted House.
  • 669-4 for the speaking Haunted House.

This numbering is in sequence with the "official" versions:

  • 669-S "sample" version used on the models of pre-production (with different wiring).
  • 669-1 first version series, but with important bugs.
  • 669-2 version of the final series.


«A» and «B» variants

This is evolutions of the 669-3 and 669-4 versions, optimized for pinballs using LEDs. A new game rule has also been implemented in the «B» variant for the secret tunnel (see below):

  • 669-3a and 669-3b for the standard le Haunted House.
  • 669-4a and 669-4b for the speaking Haunted House.

Improvements and fixed bugs

Inter-balls animation bug

Between each ball (or between each player), some pinballs as the Black Hole and the Haunted House use a particular animation. The high-score appeared for some time before the party resumes. Visible on the Black Hole, on the other hand on the Haunted House animation is barely perceptible because much too fast (did you only noticed ?).

The missing timeout was added and the animation now works correctly.

DIP switch 32 bug

The original documentation indicates "Background Tone"... but in reality, this function is not implemented. As you can already disable background music by configuring the sound card, this would be duplication.

DIP 32 is now reserved for a new use (see below).

Liberal/conservative mode

The setting of the difficulty was absent on the Haunted House, we added it in accordance with the spirit "SYSTEM 80".

As on many pinball machines of the series, the DIP 31 & 32 are used to configure the level of difficulty for the extra-ball and the special.

Missing sound 9

This sound is present in the sound card, but was never commanded. We have added it to indicate the opening of the trap door, down way to the cellar (either by the turnaround when lit, or by the left return).

playSound number 9 (not used)

This miss is corrected, the sound 9 is now integrated into certain sequences of game.

LED "optimized"

If you use LEDs in lamp replacement, you may experiment that the extra-ball (L8) lights up briefly in an unexpected manner. This phenomenon appears with LEDs because the reaction time of these components is practically instant compared with lamps.

This problem has been fixed in the variants «A» and «B».

Unusefull secret passage arrow

The arrow located in front of the roll-down target is useless. Be lit on or off, the secret passage always gives access to the cellar.

A new game rule is implemented in variant «B», allowing access to the cellar only when the arrow is lit. If the arrow is off the cellar playfield is not activated and the ball is returned immediately on the main playfield.


Get the game PROM (2 KB) file and program it in a 2716 EPROM (or EEPROM 2816). Then install this memory in place of the old game PROM.

The two versions for standard Haunted House (non-speaking) and talking, and the variants, are available for free download.

Version 669-3 (standard) + a/b variants

Version 669-4 (speaking) + a/b variants

For details, refer to the documentation:


This achievement is available for free.


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Last update of this page: January 1st, 2023

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