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New game's PROM

Corrected release from startup issue

Versions of the game PROM

There are at least two versions of the Mars God Of War game PROM, the best known and most widespread being the 666-1. We by chance, got hold of a "sample" version and were unable to resist to analyse it to see the difference from the normal version.

CPU board of Mars with sample ROM:
MARS sample

After analysis of the 666-S ROM, it turns out that there are very few differences compared to the normal version. In fact, only the timers for the rise of the target banks and the ejection of the outhole have been corrected. On the "sample" version it should therefore not always working very fine !

This version, like the 666-1 has a major bug at startup and which has never been corrected. So we created a new game PROM (666-2) in order to fix this issue.

The startup bug

At the beginning of the game, if three balls are not present in the charger, nothing happens and the Pinball seems stuck. But, this behavior is not normal because the flipper should report the missing balls.

A sequence was well planned for it and all of the playfield lamps should Flash until all the balls are not returned to the charger. Due to a bug, this sequence is not executed and the flipper can in some cases, even have a random behavior at startup.



Get the game PROM (2 KB) file and program it in a 2716 EPROM (or EEPROM 2816). Then install this memory in place of the old game PROM.

The corrected release is available for free download.

Version 666-2


This achievement is available for free.


If you don't want to do it yourself,
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Last update of this page: January 1st, 2023

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