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New game's PROM

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This new game PROM implements two new features:

  • Game Menu video in French, English or German (DIP switch selectable).
  • New rule (enabled by DIP switch) set.

The new rule makes the game easier, but also more attractive. In the original Caveman, it is indeed frustrating definitely losing the ball when the Caveman is eaten by a Tyrannosaurus. With this newrule, it now has 3 lives for the video game (for each ball). When the Caveman is eaten, a life is simply count-down and the ball returned to Pinball. We can then continue to play, except when there are no more life, in which case the ball is lost.


What does this version ?

A criticism that has often been made to the Caveman is that this Pinball was not really one. This is the fact that the balance between the video game and Pinball is too perfect, on both we lose the ball, in one than the other. With this new rule, on restores interest Pinball, while not sacrificing the video game.

The new rule is activated by a DIP switch (DIP-6 on CPU board), it is very easy to go back to the original operation by disabling it.

Optional modifications

The new game PROM is designed to drive two additional lamps, thanks to a small electronic extension module connected to A3J6. They will, for example, be installed behind the second backglass, near the score display. Lamps extension

The installation of this module is optional and its absence will not prevent the game from functioning. However, it brings an undeniable aesthetic improvement by indicating very clearly, the number of caveman remaining. Affichage CAVEMAN restant

For optimal operation of this module, it is recommended to use our unique PROM adapter.

The SYSTEM 80A have indeed a bug in the control of the solenoids, which can sometimes lead to an untimely command of the additional lamps. Our unique PROM adapter comes with a version of SYSTEM 80A that fixes this bug.

The video game

It is unchanged, except that the menus are now easily accessible in three languages, using the DIP switches (DIP-7 and DIP-8 of the CPU board).

Screens of the video game

The menus

Three languages are available in the original game: French, English and German.

Menu FR Menu US Menu DE

The levels of the video game

The game has height levels, each having two sequences (5 Brontosaurus then 5 Triceratops).

Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2

Level 1 Level 2 Level 1 Level 2


Get the game PROM (2 KB) file and program it in a 2716 EPROM (or EEPROM 2816). Then install this memory in place of the old game PROM.

Game PROM PV810-2

For details, refer to the documentation:


Following the modifications made, the DIP configuration of the CPU board must be modified. New adapted documentation has therefore been drafted.

Documentation for the DIP switches configuration:


Cette réalisation est disponible gratuitement.


Last update of this page: February 25th, 2023

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