Dynamic Power Supply

Power supply, piloting
filament and COB LEDs.

Scared Stiff, WPC-95


The DPS is a module controlling multiple light effects or auxillary devices. It is autonomous and receives its information directly from the DMC controller. It incorporates a small power supply as well as all the required power circuits. The commanded elements can be plugged into it very simply, without needing to add a connection or additional components.

The DPS also serves as a multi-socket for the connection of the different MODs and thus avoids the use of branches or Y-cables. As the DMC is located in the lightbox, it is indeed more practical to have all the connections on the DPS which is installed under the playfield.

Dynamic Power Supply

These elements can be very varied (non-exhaustive list):

  • DSL (Dynamic Skulls Lights on Scared Stiff).
  • DBV (Dynamic Beast Vision on Scared Stiff).
  • OrPinTV.
  • Simples LED and COB LED.
  • LED multi-colors WS2812.
  • Luminescent/fluorescent filament.
  • Shaker.

Example of use on the Scared Stiff

DPS can be used on any pinball machine and adapted as needed. It allows you to finely manage the triggering conditions of the light effects, the shaker, or any connected element.

On the Scared Stiff, special sequences must be taken into account, such as TILT, or "OH, OH - IT'S TIME TO SCARED", during which the light effects must be turned off.

Dynamic Power Supply

Likewise, spine illumination is only activated when a game is in progress. The specific lights, like the "Terrifying" or the coffin, are obviously activated only in particular situations.

All this is programmed to always stay in tune with the progress of the game, and especially not to have undesirable effects or unsuitable for the game sequences.

The word "TERRIFYING!" lights up when the ball hits the box.
Dynamic Power Supply

Several COB LEDs are also installed in the APRON to illuminate the ball outlet. The shaker control also works according to its own control logic.

Fluorescent light filament

On the Scared Stiff, the metallic wire connecting the vertebrae between them has been replaced by a luminous filament. They are thus lit from the inside and the effect produced is quite spectacular, in combination with the phosphorescent version of the bones (installed only on the prototype version of Scared Stiff, then removed for cost reasons).

Dynamic Power Supply

We use an ultra flexible fluorescent green wire with a very small diameter, in order to easily fit into existing holes.

Dynamic Power Supply

This filament can be cut to the desired length, provided however not to damage or to short-circuit the micro-threads of its structure.

Dynamic Power Supply

Particular attention will be paid to the quality of the insulation. The voltage conveyed by this kind of lighting are in fact, far from negligible: we measure about 120 volts at the terminals.

Dynamic Power Supply

Last update of this page: March 1st, 2021

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